RE&PQJ-2 ISSN 2172-038X


Renewable Energy & Power Quality Journal, Vol. 1, No.2, April 2004


RE&PQJ-2 Index



Quantitative Robust Control Engineering: Theory and Experimental Results on Wind Turbines.

Mario García-Sanz.

Automatic Control and Computer Science Department. Public University of Navarra. Spain



Distributed Generation of Energy Using Micro Gas Turbines. Polygeneration Systems and Fuel Flexibility.

J.C. Bruno, A. Coronas.

CREVER. ‘Rovira i Virgili’ University. Spain.




Measurement of Energy and Power Quality in the Spanish Des-regulated Market.

Felipe Montajut, CIRCUTOR



Power Quality in a University Campus: The User´s Perspective.

A. Moreno-Muñoz, Mª.D. Redel, A.L. Prieto, A. Plaza, M. González, J. Luna. University of Córdoba. Spain.




Current Sensor Based on Rogowski Coil.

F.J. Arcega, J.A. Artero.

University of Zaragoza. Spain.




Power Station Based on the Energy ot the Sea Waves.

Ratko Isidorovic, Jankp Isidorovic, Nemanja Grubor.

Minel Trafo AD, Mladenovac, Serbia.




Cogeneration in District Heating Systems.

Carlos J. Renedo, Jaime Peredo, Alfredo Ortiz, Defín Silió.

Department of Electric and Energy Engineering. University of Cantabria. Spain




Variable Speed Asynchronous Generator.

Vít Brslica.

Military of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Brno. Czech Republic.




Stator and Rotor Current Harmonics in Doubly Fed Machines with Cycloconverter in Rotor Circuit.

J. Bendl., M. Chomat., L. Schreier.

Institute of Electrical Engineering, Academy of Sciences. Czech Republic.




Optimization of the Operation Reliability Level of the Protection System.

Marian Ciontu, Maria Brojbou

Faculty of Electrical Engineering. University of Craiova.




Damping Subsynchronous Resonance Oscillations Using A Dynamic Switched Filter-Compensator Scheme.

A.M. Sharaf.

University of New Brunswick. Canada




Neutral Currents in Large Public Lighting Networks.

M. Chindris, A. Sudria, A. Cziker, S. Stefanescu.

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Romania

ETSIB. Technical University of Catalonia, UPB. Romania.




Analysis and Comparison Between Different Methods of Current Reference Generation for Active Filters Control.

S. Stefanescu, M. Chindris, A. Sudria, A. Cziker.

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Rumania

Department of Electrical Engineering, UPC, Spain




Impacts of Renewable Sources on Power Quality in Distribution Systems.

José Balcells, Jaroslav Dolezal, Josef Tlustý, Viktor Valouch.

Electronics Engineering Dept. Technical University of Catalonia. Spain.




Control Strategy Development for an Inverter Controlled Wave Energy Plant.

R.G. Alcorn, T.D. Finnigan

Energetech Australia Pty Ltd. Australia.




Simple Control Schme of Three-Level PWM Converter Connecting Wind Turbine with Grid.

M. Malinowski, S. Bernet.

Warsaw University of Technology. Poland.

Technical University of Berlin. Germany.




The Future of the Alternatives Energies: A Forecast Based on Technological Forecasting Techniques.

J.C. Oliveira Matias, T. Campos Devezas

University of Beira Interior. Portugal




Unsymmetrical Failure States in a Small Water Power Station.

Vaclav Bartos, Anna Kotlanova.

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic.




Multi-Agent Based Operation and Control of Isolated Power System with Dispersed Power Sources Including New Energy Storage Device.

T. Hiyama, T. Nagata, T. Funabashi.

Dep. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Kumamoto University, Japan.




Inefficiencies in Unbalanced Three-Phase Power Systems. Relationship Between System Asymmetry and Instantaneous Power Waves.

R. Sabater, V. Donderis

Dep. Of Electrical Engineering. Technical University of Valencia. Spain.




Generic Aggregated Wind Farm Model for Power System Simulations-Impact of Grid Connection Requirements.

J. Soens, J. Driesen, D. Van Hertem, R. Belmans.

Dep. Of Electrical Engineering, ESAT/ELECTA. K.U.Leuven. Belgium




Simulation of a Solar Domestic Water Heating System with Different Collector Efficiences and Different Volumen Storage Tanks.

D. Silió Salcines, C.Renedo, V. Castañera

 University of Cantabria. Spain.




Remarks on Load Dependency of the Voltage Quality of a 500 MVA Synchronous Generator with Fractional Slot Windings.

C. Grabner

Institute of Electrical Machines and Drives, Graz University of Technology. Graz, Austria.




Magnetic Shields for Underground Power Lines.

J.R. Riba Ruiz, X. Alabern Morera.

Technical University of Catalonia, UPC, Spain.




Multipolar Generator for Lower-power Windmills.

A. Chuchalin, I. Safyannikov, I.Rossammakhin. Department of Electrical Engineering. Tomsk Polutechnic University. Russia.




On the Assessment of Power Qaulity Characteristics of Grids Connected Wind Energy Conversion Systems.

P. Carneiro, P. Torres, R.M.G. Castro, A.I. Estanqueiro

Electrical Energy Centre.Technical University of Lisbon. Portugal




Energy Analysis: Absorption Heat Transformer Cycle with a Combinig Ejector using Lithium Bromide/Water as Working Fluid.

A. Pongtornkulpanich, S. Trepa, M. Amornkitbamrung

School of Energy and Materials, King Monkut’s University of Technology.

Chool of Renewable Energy Technology, Nassuan University. Thailand.




The Renewable Energy Course at the Technical Engineering School of Barcelona (EUETIB/UPC.

J. de la Hoz, A. de Blas, R. Bargallo.

Technical University of Catalonia. Spain.




Analysis Strategy Based on Wavelet Decomposition for Classification of Voltage Sags.

J. Xargayó, J.Meléndez, J.Colomer

Control Engineering and Intelligent Systems Group. Institute of Informatics and Applications. University of Girona. Spain.



Importance of Supply’s Quality in Calibration Laboratory.

M..D. Gutiérrez, F. de la Bodega, E. Loroño, D.M. Larruskain.

Department of Electrical Engineering. University of the Basque Country, Spain H



Output Stabilization of Wind Turbine Generator by Series and Parallel Compensation Using SMES.

T. Senjyu, T. Kinjyo, K. Uezato, H. Fujita, Toshihisa Funabashi.

University of the Ryukyus. Meidensha Corporation.

Chubu Electric Power Co. Japan.




Wind Power System for Domestic Installations.

I. Mény, P. Enrici, J.J. Huselstein, D. Matt

Laboratoire d’électrotechnique de Montpellier (LEM), France.




Instrumentation Requirements for Automatic Power Quality Analysis and Dissemination.

A.Espírito Santo, M.R. Calado

Dep. Engenharia Electromecánica, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal




Analysis of Electrical Signal Disturbances. A New Strategy.

J.C. Montaño, M. Castilla, A. López, J. Gutiérrez, J.C. Bravo, D. Borrás.

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), IRNAS.

University of Sevilla, Spain.




Detection of Broken Damper Bars of a Turbo Generator by the Field Winding.

J. Bacher

Institute of Electrical Machines and Drive Technology, E.M.A. University of Technology Graz. Austria




The Shielding Effect of the Built in Damper Cage in a Synchronous Machine.

J. Bacher, G. Maier

Institute of Electrical Machines and Drive Technology. University of Technology Graz. Austria.




A Novel Frequency and Positive Sequence Detector for Utility Applications and Power Quality Analysis.

F.P. Marafao, S.M. Deckmann, E.K. Luna.

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Campinas, Brasil




Novel Control System Based in DSPs for 800 kW Wind Power Station.

S. Gallardo, F. Barrero, J.M. Carrasco.

E.S.I.S. University of Seville. Spain.




Experimental Analysis of the Line Side Behaviour of an Uncontrolled 12-Pulse Rectifier with Capacitive DC-Smoothing Compared to Analytical Analysis.

Thomas Rechberger

Institute of Electrical Machines and Drives. Graz Univ. of Technology. Austria.




An Overview to Fault Location Methods in Distribution System Based on Single End Measures of Voltage an Current.

J. Mora, J.Meléndez, Marc Vinyoles, J. Sánchez, Manel Castro.

eXiT Group. University of Girona. Spain




Remote Disconnection System for Disgtributed Generation Units.

K.J. Sagastabeitia, Z. Aginako, A.J. Mazón, I. Zamora.

University of the Basque Country. Spain.




Non-Linear and Unbalanced Three-Phase Load Static Compensation with Asymmetrical and Non Sinusoidal Supply.

Reyes S. Herrera, P. Salmerón.

Electrical Engineering Department, University of Huelva, Spain.




Fault Location in Electrical Distribution Systems Using PLS and NN.

M.N. Ruiz, J. Meléndes, J.Colomer, J.Sánchez, M.Castro.

eXiT. University of Girona.

ENDESA. Spain.




Voltage Waveforms Comparison for Different PWM Modulation Strategies.

H. Martín, R. Bargalló.

 EUETI. Technical University of Catalonia. UPC.Spain




Amplitude Modullation – an Alternative Method of Generating the Convertor Output Waveforms.

A. Jan Iwaszkiewicz, B. Jacek Perz.

The Electrotechnical Institute. Poland.




Learning power Conditioning Basics at the Technical Engineering School of Barcelona (EUETIB/UPC).

Jordi de la Hoz, Sergi Fillet, Alfredo de Blas.

EUETIB. Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). Spain. 




Alternatives to the Frequency Control of an Islander Wind Farm.

I.Zubia, X. Estolaza, L.M. Bandrés.

University of the Basque Country. Spain.




Power Quality and Digital Protection Relays.

I. Zamora, A.J. Mazón, V. Valverde, E.Torres, A. Dysko.

University of the Basque Country. Spain.

University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom




Automatic Management of Voltage Sags Recorded in a 25 kV Sbstation

J. Melendez, D. Mascaya, D. Llanos, J. Cobos, J. Sánchez, M. Castro.

 University of Girona, Spain.




Spreadsheet Assisted Overall Design of a Wind Turbine Blade.

U. Aguirre Llonda, J.J. Pérez Rambla, G. Aguirre Zamalloa.

University of the Basque Country.

Ebro-Cantábrica de Energías Renovables (ECERSE). Spain.




Evolution Toward a Smart Energy Supply System in the Balearic Islands.

D. Coll-Mayor, R. Picos, E. García Moreno.

Department of Physics. University of Balearic Islands. Spain.




Experimental Validation and Comparisons of Active Filtering Strategies.

Fernando Pinhabel Marafao, Sigmar Maurer Deckmann.

 School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. University of Campinas- Brazil




Economic Evaluation of Mitigation Methods Against Voltage Dips and Interruptions Based on Stochastic Reliability.

Dirk Van Hertem, Marcel Diddent, Johan Driesen, Ronnie Belmans.

Dep. ESAT/ELECTA, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

Electrical Power Systems and Metrology Laborelec, Belgium




A New Methodology For On-Line Power Quality Asseessment.

A. Moussa, M. El-Gammall, E.N. Abdallah, A. Abouelseoud

Dep. Of Electrical Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt




Influence of Unbalanced and Waveform Voltage on the Perfomance Characteristics of Three-phase Industion Motors.

E. Quispe, G. Gonzalez, J. Aguado.

Grupo de Investigación en Energías GIEN-UAO. Universidad Autónoma de Occidente. Colombia.




Control of a Active Filter Using Dynamic Neural Networks.

J.L. Flores Garrido, P. Salmeron Revuelta.

 University of  Huelva. Spain.




Control Strategies for Active Power Filters.

 F. Barrero, E. Romero, M.i. Milanés.

 School of Industrial Engineering. University of Extremadura. Spain.




Provision And Costs of Ancillary Services in a Restructured Electricity Marquet.

A.J.C. Pereira, Z.A. Vale, A. Machado e Moura, J.A. Díaz Pinto.

Instituto Superior de Engenharia. University of Coimbra.

Instituto Superior de Engenharia. University of Porto.

Facultade de Engenharia. University of Porto.




Validity Range of Wind Turbine Models.

M.P. Comech, D. García García, M.Sanz, J. Martínez García, M.G.Gracia. University of Zaragoza. Spain.




Modelling and Simulation of an Asynchronous Wind Turbine of Squirrel Cage.

J. Martínez García, M. García-Gracia, M.P. Comech, D. García García.

CIRCE. University of Zaragoza. Spain




Influence of the Load Models in the Dynamic Voltage Stability of an Electric Power System.

R.M. Monteiro Pereira, C.M. Machado Ferreira, J.A. Díaz Pinto, F.P. Maciel Barbosa.

Instituto Superior de Engenharia. University of Coimbra.

Facultade de Engenharia. University of Porto.




Controller for Three-phase Four-wire Shunt Active Power Filter by DC-bus Energy Regulation.

R. Pindado, P. Rodríguez, J. Pou, I. Candela

Research Group of Power Quality and Renewable Energies (QuPER). Technical University of Catalonia. Spain




Wind Turbine Generation System Implemented with a Car Alternator for Use in Isolated Locations.

H. Fernández, A. Martínez, V. Guzman, M. Giménez.

UNEXPO Vicerrectorado Puerto Ordaz. Venezuela.

University of Zaragoza. Spain

University ‘Simón Bolivar’. Venezuela.




Harmonic Distortion Analysis of a Micro Gas Turbine Interconnected to the Electricity Grid.

J.C. Bruno, Ll. Massagués, A. Coronas.

CREVER- Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Spain.




Reconversion of Traditional Water Extraction Windmills in Mallorca to Produce Electrical Power.

J. Pascual Tortella.

IDOM Ingeniería Arquitectura y Consultoria, Mallorca, Spain




Frequency Measurement Under Non-Sinusoidal Conditions.

M. Mañana, J.A. Rodríguez, F.J. Sánchez, A. Ortiz, L.I. Eguiluz.

Dep. Of Electrical Engineering. Cantabria University. Spain.




Energy Meter Behaviour Under Non-Sinusoidal Conditions.

A.Ortiz, M. Lehtinen, M. Mañana, C. Renedo, L.I. Eguiluz.

 Dep. of Electrica Engineering, Cantabria University. Spain.

Power System Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.




Wind Power Applied to the Hydrogen Generation.

J.J. San Martín, I. Muñoz, J.I. San Martín, J.M. Arrieta, I. Martín, V. Aperribay, A. Pérez. University of the Basque Country. Spain




International Reliability Analysis in Distribution Networks.
  1. Sumper, A. Sudrià, F. Ferrer

Centre d’Innovació Tecnológica en Convertidores Estàticos i Accionaments. Technical University of Catalonia. Spain.



Optimal Design of Isolated Network Systems Operated by Renewable Energies with Mixed-integer Optimization Algorithms.

M..N. Navarro, J.A. Domínguez, J. Jaime.

Depatment of Electrical Engineering. University of Zaragoza. Spain.




Process for the Implantation of Wind Farms in the Basque Country Autonomous Community .

M. Gómez, M. González, I. Zamora.

University of the Basque Country. Spain.




Standard Test Protocol to Characterize Adjustable Speed Drive Behavior During Voltage Dips.

M. Teixidó, A. Samper, Q. López, S. Galceran, J. Sánchez.

 CITCEA, Dep. Of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Catalonia.





Behaviour of the Wind-Turbines Under Lightning Strikes Including Nonlinear Grounding System.

D. Romero, J. Montanyà, A. Cancela.

Dep. Of Electrical Engineering. Technical University of Catalonia. Spain.




Fuel Cell Based Distributed Generation Feeding Electrical and Thermal Loads.

S. Meo. G. Paparo, G. Velotto





Variable Speed Drive Modelling of Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator.

T. Zouaghi.

Laboratoire des Systèmes Electriques, (L.S.E.), Tunisia.




Multimedia teaching CD-rom about energy sources.

J. Casals-Terré, R. Mujal-Rosas, O. Boix-Aragonés and X. Salueña-Berna.

Dep. Of Mechanical Engineering. Technical University of Catalonia. Spain.




Optimization of the Dehydration of Muds in Purifier Station of Residual Waters by Means of the Employment of Photothermic Energy.

A.J. Herrera Torres, A. Espín Estrella.

University of Granada. Spain.




Series Resistance of SnO2/SiO2/Si(n) Solar Cells.

A.Cheknane, S. Bensmain, B. Benyoucef, J.P. Charles, R. Zerdoum.

Materials and Renewable Energies Laboratory, Tlemcen, Algeria.





A Study for Optimizing the Management Strategies of a Hybrid Photovoltaic-Diesel Power Generation System.

M. Sylos Labini, G. Delvecchio, M. Guerra, C. Lofrumento, F. Neri.

University of Bari. Italy.




A theoretical Study for Supporting an Autonomous Diesel Power Plant with a Photovoltaic Generator.

M. Sylos Labini, G. Delvecchio, F. Fraccalviere, F. Neri, B. Valenzano.

Dep. Of Electrotechnics and Electronics. Polytechnic of Bari. Italy..




Technical and economical Assessment of the Effect of Voltage Sags on Adjustable Speed Drives.

J.M. Cano, G.A. Orcajo, C.H. Rojas, M.G. Melero, M.F. Cabanas

University of Oviedo. Spain.




Experimental Study of Power Quality in Wind Farms.

F. Oliveira, A. Madureira, M.P. Donsión

University of Porto. Portugal. Spain.

University of Vigo. Spain




Statistical Study of Power Quality in Wind Farms.

F. Oliveira, A. Madureira, M.P. Donsión

University of Porto. Portugal. Spain.

University of Vigo. Spain




Multivariable QFT Controllers Design for Heat Exchangers of Solar Systems.

M. Barreras, M. García-Sanz

Automatic Control and Computer Cience Department. Public University of Navarre. Spain.




Power Losses in Outside-Spin Brushless D.C. Motor.

P. Andrada, M. Torrent, J.I. Perat, B. Blanqué

Technical University of Catalonia. Spain